In The Galaxy of Lemuria you will discover new worlds, moons, and environments. Survival against all odds while making new friends and enemies is part of the long-lasting fun!

The entire galaxy of Lemuria is procedurally generated — literally everything! You will never have the same experience twice.

It all began when a common child arrived at his new home…

Located within the basement was a very strange card, and upon this unique card was a phrase: 'Galaxy Portal'. Then, without warning, it seemed to be activated by an unknown source. To his surprise, the child had been teleported to Lemuria, a faraway galaxy housed within a distant supercluster.

Cards like this were spread all over the world. Due to other portals appearing all over the planet, many others became lost there as well.  Unfortunately, these new inhabitants are unaware they had arrived in a cursed galaxy. Every now and then, the galaxy’s energy just dies out, and in these times of this cursed darkness, the savage monsters that inhabit the galaxy become even more dangerous. It is unknown if a celestial deity or magic from the distant past is the cause, but no matter, the lack of light gives these beasts their new-found energy. In order to survive these foul creatures, you must create your own energy source. The way you play your hand will determine if living is in your cards.

The Galaxy of Lemuria is a massive multiplayer online (MMO) survival RPG with a trading card-based skill system, and a huge, procedurally generated galaxy to explore. You will discover new worlds, moons, and environments. Survival against all odds while making new friends and enemies is part of the long-lasting fun!

The entire galaxy of Lemuria is procedurally generated — literally everything! You will never have the same experience twice.

Each time you begin you will be transported to a randomly selected planet within the Galaxy of Lemuria. When you arrive, there may be others already present, but are they friend or are they foe? That is your decision, but it’s worth remembering that resources are scarce, and empathy could be your downfall.

Adding others to your friend list will allow you to eventually use cards such as Teleport to instantly arrive at your pal’s location.


There are 2 ways to obtain a pet currently:

1.- There will be a very small chance (0.01%) of drawing a monster cardwhen you kill a monster. When this occurs, you can either summon that monster as a pet or attach it to weapons/armor for increased stats.

2.- If you draw the card labeled Charm, you can use it on a low HP enemy monster to capture it. If used successfully, the monster may become your pet!

You must care for your pet by maintaining HP and feeding it. This is important as you look to gain its companionship and support along your journey.

Your pet can be directed by left-clicking your mouse. It can perform skills, use items, and help in battle, as needed. Your pet’s ability to level up and carry items allows him to be an extension of your inventory.


Each planet will provide you with building materials. Build the home of your dreams with a whole arsenal of materials to choose from — wood, metal, stone and more. Team up to forge a metropolis to protect yourself from those whom would destroy your hard work. 

The Galaxy of Lemuria features procedurally generated worlds with a plethora of environments. All these contain various resources, monsters, and hidden loot.

Exploration of moons and planets to find special materials is the only sure path to success. Use these materials to craft weapons, potions, or food. Be wary of what you create and how it’s used — effects could help OR harm you! 

Once you die, you will begin again from scratch. All your loot will be dropped. Others may pick it up or you may find your way back to it. Having said that, this title does contain transcendental items. You can pick one item per enchantment to begin with you each time. This helps ease the pain of the permadeath, unlike other games within the survival genre, which leave you with nothing upon starting over.

Every skill in Galaxy of Lemuria is performed with a card. Your stats determine that skill’s effectiveness.

The area of your rebirth post-mortem is referred to as “Home”. Here, you can access your decks, card boosters, cards, and transcendental items. You will be able to select and organize which items to take with you at the start of each new adventure.

Upon choosing your deck, you will be teleported to Lemuria with the cards and items you have selected. Be wise with your choice of cards, for each one has limited uses. However, when you die, all your cards will be restored for use again. 

The cards you find throughout Lemuria, however, are not transcendental. This means once used or upon death, these cards are gone forever.

Card boosters are acquired through a rewards system. In this system, you obtain booster packs if you can survive for long periods of time and unlock achievements. Cards can be traded and sold between players. 

The Explorer A1 is a cheap but fast hybrid ship used to explore exoplanets and moons in nearby regions of space. Never pass up the opportunity to gather the resources necessary to build this useful vehicle.

The Explorer A1 can travel at high speed thanks to thin layers of titanium. This material is used to construct the outer shell, making the shuttle extremely light. What are you waiting for?

Get out there are start exploring!•


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