‘The Galaxy Of Lemuria' (TGOL) is a Massive Multiplayer Online Survival RPG with a trading card based skill system and a huge, procedurally-generated galaxy to explore. You will discover new worlds, moons and environments, surviving all odds and making new friends or enemies along the way.

The entire galaxy of Lemuria is procedurally-generated, everything! There are no limits when it comes to discovering new landscapes. It’s time to start your adventure!
Every time you start a new game you will be sent to a random planet of a solar system in ‘The Galaxy Of Lemuria', which may or may not have other players already trying to survive. They may be enemies or friends - it’s your choice, but remember that resources are scarce, and sharing can be dangerous.

You will be able to add players to your friends list, to eventually use cards like Teleport to transport yourself instantly to your friend's position.



It’s not surprising that so many games nowadays include this feature. Here in ‘The Galaxy Of Lemuria’, you’ll explore completely procedurally-generated worlds with a rich plethora of environments, each of which feature different varieties of resources, monsters and hidden loot.

Exploring nearby moons and planets is the only way to succeed, as many special materials are found off-world. With these materials, you’ll be able to craft more strong weapons, and potions or food with certain effects, both positive and negative to your health.

This feature is a kind of enhancement that you can apply to the most precious items you have found. It’s not a mystery that when you die in a survival game you lose all your items, but in ‘The Galaxy Of Lemuria’ if you meet certain requirements, you’ll be able to enchant one item to make it transcend - this means you’ll be able to use this item the next time you start a new game. But it’s quite not as clear-cut as we make it seem here; this system has some limitations that will be revealed later on.

This is one of the most exciting features we would like to introduce. Every single skill in ‘The Galaxy Of Lemuria’ needs a card to be performed, and depending on your character’s stats these skills can be more effective or less effective.

News card can be acquired through a reward system where you can obtain booster packs if you can survive for long periods of time and unlock achievements.

Cards can be traded or sold between players.

The Explorer A1 is a cheap but fast hybrid ship used to explore exoplanets and moons nearby regions of space. Never pass up the opportunity to gather the resources necessary to build such a useful piece of equipment.

Its high speed is thanks to thin layers of titanium that make up its outer shell and make it extremely light.



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